The Reconciled

For centuries, the Church of the Sovereign Host has preached against the evils of arcanists, occultists, druids, and the decadence of royalty. From the darkest days of the post-Rift world, those who seek the comfort of a higher, all-knowing power have flocked to the banner of the Sovereign Host; the All-Knowing Eight.

During the Glorious Crusade, there were rumblings within the ranks of the Menhirites: what the ages-old holy wars against wizards and druids were wrong? Perhaps the forceful conversion of non-believers was wrong, and by extension, so was the war?
Four years after the initial invasion, five hundred priests, paladins, and their followers abandoned the main invasion force and struck out for Rathan-held territory. Arriving at the recently liberated city of Peligost, a young priestess of Arwei named Lujayne presented their aid and loyalty to the boy-emperor Alfred.

Over the years, the Reconciled have slowly begun to earn grudging acceptance within Rath, but many still despise them. There are more than a few whispers that the marriage between High Priestess Forge and First General Ramis is mired in scandal and corruption, with the priestess controlling the brave general’s mind.

-Followers of the Reconciled always receive a +2 bonus to the Heal skill, as well as Diplomacy. Their order emphasizes healing and growth, two things that are in short supply these days.

The Reconciled

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