Eaarbon "Painter" Fagan

“When the soldiers complain about the bread, be sure to taste it; and then tell them that better men have eaten far worse.”

-Spoken by one quartermaster to another, during the Flight from Ossus.

Finding his way into the army years before the Empire was plunged into the war, Eaarborn quickly earned the approval of his fellow soldiers through sheer resourcefulness; always able to supply a much-need small luxury in camp, or the replacement for a missing piece of kit moments before inspection…for a price.

Eaarborn’s line was regularly rotated between Ossus and far-flung posts, and through these many travels he quickly established a network of trusted soldiers, merchants, and army followers that could be relied up on procure almost anything a line would need while on station.

When the Mage Slayings occurred on the eve of the Menhirite invasion, the scrounger’s line was bottled up in-camp, and forced to surrender en masse. Slipping his bonds, Eaarborn struck out into the forests, eventually linking up with a large band of Rathan loyalists.

For the simple fact that he happened to speak fluent Menhirite, Eaarborn spent his war amidst the Menhirite occupation forces doing what he did best: scrounging. With a sharp eye and the ability to take a near-instant mental accounting of a supply train’s contents, he would meander through Menhirite camps and warehouses posing as a hired Rathan laborer, discretely daubing the earmarked supplies with a daub of pitch, earning him the nickname “Painter”. Later on, loyalist soldiers would stage surprise raids and carry off only what Painter had called out for them.

In the years since Bloody Summer, Painter has been engaged in what he does best: getting Rathan soldiers most of what they need, some of what they want, and a portion of their silver in return for services rendered.

Eaarbon "Painter" Fagan

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