Forward Into Danger

Fort Plenty

After dealing with final affairs we left King’s head for Osis, going straight overland instead of following the Emperor’s road. While this cut a good week off of the journey, it did cause us to take shelter in a ruined keep and battle against a large pack of wolves. After dispatching them, I took the time to scout the area and was rewarded with a few caches of goods squirreled away. this along with the other items we found will make a good amount of coin for us in Osis.

My appointment with the Emperor’s purchasing agent went well, I was able to trade the long sword for a blade more fitting of my style, get a decent price for some odd art objects and a letter of introduction to the mage’s guild. I believe I have convinced Ulundo to join the human mages and take an apprentice, I still am not sure what he is doing here for the elves, but I feel if he gets treated well and respected by the humans his vanity will make him less zealous of his cause for the homeland.

Wade has spent the past days since we got to the city with his family, I am looking forward to the meeting of them, it will be interesting how the common folk that he surronds himself with will deal with a dwarf, elf and halfling.


Ponsby_420 Falchen

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