A Brief Summary

After the Rift, the once mighty human Empire collapsed into ruins with the magical infrastructure totally devastated, and cities and roads along with it. Without mutual support, the empire quickly fell into ruins as well, splitting off into four major sub-clans, separated by small independent villages and stretches of The Sundered. Over the last eight hundred years, each clan has developed a separate identity, and view themselves as separate from the rest. In recent years, decades of grudging peace and very limited conflicted erupted in a massive years-long inter-clan conflict. The salvation-seeking Menhirites scaled up their persecution of the druids, whilst at the same time uniting under the banner of a recently-come relative to the Speaker of the Host. Launching a massive crusade against wizards (in general) and the Rathan Empire (specifically), the clerics presided over a years-long occupation. Out of certain defeat rose a boy-emperor, one called Alfred. Aided by Imperial loyalists, strategic alliances, and a small band of heroes Alfred succeeded in expelling the invaders and securing the land again. During the final days of this war, the very basis of clerical magic changed overnight, for no foreseeable reason. True believers of the Sovereign Host were denied any powers save those used to heal and mend. Additionally, their beloved leader was struck into a coma by forces unknown. Her sister assumed the mantle of power as the Speaker Regent.

Eight years later, the reluctant peace exploded in violence. High clerics harnessed an ancient rite that allowed them to transport their vast legions across the entirety of the map, at the cost of an equivalent number of believer’s lives. This mass-sacrifice allowed the Menhirites to strike Rath unexpectedly. As the Menhirites plowed westward, leaving a swath of destruction and sorrow, Rathan lords scrambled to put an army in their way.

As the armies raged amongst the wheat fields at the crossroads of Charleroi, a small band of heroes transcended the bounds of their world and the very fabric of reality; In a glorious temple perched on the highest hill of a demi-plane, those determined heroes vanquished a guardian creature of the Sovereign Host, upending the Menhirite High Priests’ desperate gamble.

Out of the ashes of conflict and suffering, it appears that the world as a whole is beginning to heal. The last seven years have been quiet, with only the last unpleasant fragments of war remaining…

Forward Into Danger

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