The Sundered

All of Gwennec bears scars from the Rift, over eight centuries ago; with ruined monuments, shattered cities and tumbled aquaducts slowly being reclaimed by the natural world, the average denizen is well aware that something far greater existed, long before their time. To anyone with a smattering of culture and awareness, the Rift is common knowledge; a cataclysm of such epic proportions that the very fabric of magic was torn asunder, and with it the ability of mere mortals to bend the arcane and divine entirely to their will.

While most of the land has healed, some areas are awash with magical pollution, desolation, and all manners of strange beasts. Colloquially, these areas are known as “The Sundered” to the residents of Gwennec.

Reality and time are both subjective within the bounds of the Sundered; magic is awash with chaos, and nothing is predictable. Amongst the shattered ruins that dot the strange, grotesque landscape lie the ruins of cities, the bones of armies, and an untold amount of treasure and lost magical lore, just waiting to be found.

However….there are others that say the Sundered is far from dangerous, and is indeed a complete death trap. Salvage teams, bandits, and refugees all tread warily…

The Sundered

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