The Mantol Plains

South of the Empire, the land slowly transforms from thickly wooded forests and rolling farmland dotted with homesteads to a largely flat and featureless set of plains; dotted intermittently with copses of trees.

The Cuntoth are a largely decentralized, nomadic clan, relying on traditional tribal rule and a rich oral history to maintain their identity. Stemming largely from the ancestors of gladiators and forest wardens, Cunoth’s primary philosophy is that of balance with regards to law and chaos. Numerous sub-clans (septs) comprise the Cunoth as a whole, and each with a different totem) that revere and worship these axiomatic concepts, and blend their fighting styles into one. Each sub-tribe is ruled by a chieftan, who can be challenged for the right to rule at any time. However, if the challenger loses, he faces permanent exile from the clan.
Shortly before the Menhirite Crusades, a Thundering Hoof known as Rake united several major tribes by revealing the current Horselord to be a usurper, unlawful. His trusted friend Bowenar now rules the clans in relative peace and harmony.
Two years after Bloody Summer, Alfred sent Lord Gonville Bromhead Ponsby and a group of specialists and a small contingent of soldiers to the Clanless Lands, hoping to secure the rich Iron Peaks and its Clanless inhabitants led by the mighty warrior Guthram for the benefit of the Empire. Several smaller bands of Clanless appealed to rogue elements of the Horselords for help in crushing this alliance, but were beaten back in a short (and bloody) siege that was broken by the Lord Ponsby’s most trusted advisors.

-All Cunoth gain a +2 bonus to Ride and Handle Animal. A life in the saddle is the province of all Cunoth, as they move from place to place very frequently. These two skills are always class skills.

Cunoth Septs

Burning Claws
Long Knives
Tall Runners
Lion Slayers
Balance Keepers
Shattered Shoulders

The Mantol Plains

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