Situated at the crook of two large rivers, the city of Ossus spreads out like a forest of worked stone and timber. Several sets of high walls radiate outward like the age-rings in a tree trunk, bearing silent testimony to the steady, inexorable growth of the Empire’s capital.

“They can level it, but we’ll just build it again. " -Overheard during razings conducted by the Menhirites following the city’s fall in the second year of the Last War


- A massive, squat structure that dominates the skyline west of the Emperor’s Gate, Arcanix’s heavily-sloped walls and thick gates lead those new to the city to think it’s a garrison for the army, instead of Rath’s principal wizard enclave.

The Emperor’s Quarter
- Dominating a full fourth of Ossus’s interior, the Emperor’s Quarter is host to the city’s garrison, Imperial armories, hospitalsm workshops, quarters for visitors on official business, and the Emperor’s personal keep. This area escaped virtually unscathed during the razings of the Last War, the occupying Menhirites desiring them for themselves during the war’s second winter.


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