The power of the gods is not to be taken lightly, and Menhir wields it zealously. The only clan to have a substantial presence of true clerics, Menhir is full of paladins, clerics, and religious zealots. They have traveling priests that spearhead the cause of their gods, and are welcome in some places, while being barely tolerated in others. Clan Menhir is quick to denounce arcane magic, citing it as the cause of the Rift, and the departure of the gods. Additionally, the clan has declared a holy war on the druids of the Scilti Wood, branding them as heretics that are to be killed and killed on sight (since they are unable and unwilling to see the divine primacy of the Sovereign Host, and somehow rob the land of magic to further their own twisted ends). Led by the Speaker of the Host, Clan Menhir feels that unity is strength, and make concerted efforts to tie every follower of the Host into a cohesive unit, dedicated toward their common welfare and worship of the eight gods.

Since the upheaval caused by the Speaker’s lapse into a coma during the Crusade of Glorious Enlightenment (to say nothing of the subsequent loss of clerical magic and destructive last-ditch assault on the Empire that ended at Charleroi), Clan Menhir has fallen on hard times. Occupied by the Empire and forbidden to worship as they please, the situation is currently grim for the followers of the Sovereign Host.

After Charleroi, it came to light that a furious battle took place within the walls of the City of Faith, the Menhirite capital; tales were told of a small cadre of assassins stealing into the Temple of Eight, killing the Speaker’s guardians and absconding with her body. At the same time, scores of loyal holy warriors were killed in a conflict within the Garden of Repentance. What is left of the Church leadership has remained closemouthed, and rumors circulate among the faithful to this day…

-All Menhirites gain a +2 bonus to Knowledge (Religion) and Intimidate checks. Understanding of the Sovereign Host is mandatory, and sometimes the unbelieving must be persuaded. These two skills are always class skills.


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