King's Head

Spread out in a swathe below the small town of King’s Head betrays it’s recent growth, with new construction apparent against the old. In the days since Bloody Summer, both internal trade and commerce with the dwarves has grown by leaps and bounds. Led by the corpulent Squire Turbrand and a small contingent of the Emperor’s favored, the future of King’s Head looks bright…but with a necropolis always looming behind it.

King’s Head Tavern
Boasting several new outbuildings, a small chapel for Reconciled followers, a stable and general store, this once-small traveler’s respite has grown by leaps and bounds to accomodate the recent influx of travel, trade, and the Imperial Sailor’s Home recently established on the village’s outskirts.

Imperial Navy Timber Yard
Started by the King’s Head notables Gar, Adoven, Benton and Storn, this yard functions as a processing station for the Rathan lumber meant to supply the Navy.

King’s Head Graveyard
Pre-dating the town by centuries, the Graveyard is host to thousands of corpses, and a veritable maze of crypts, tunnels, ossuaries , enclosed by a looming stone and wrought-iron wall.

While normally quiet, every so often trouble arises from the hill in the form of walking dead, tormented spirits, and worse…

King's Head

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