Tucked away in the Empire’s southeast corner, the town of Faetan sits astride a pair of important crossroads, serving as that area’s de facto trade hub. Originally founded several centuries after the Rift, what was originally a collection of farms grouped around a blockhouse has become a thriving frontier town, boasting most of what the capitol has to offer, albeit on a drastically reduced scale.

From the first Faetan was a small garrison and outpost providing local protection and intelligence for leaders living deeper within the interior. Local farmers and trappers, weary of bandit raids, erected a small palisade around their shared dwellings, which gradually evolved into a more permanent defensive structure, a small hamlet, and later a full-fledged castle maintained by an Imperial knight. Now formally a part of the Empire, Faetan quickly evolved into a natural jumping-off point for traders headed into Clan Celchu’s holdings.

Town management
Faetan is typical of many Rathan towns it’s size; boasting slightly over a thousand residents with almost double that number inhabiting the surrounding farmlands. Basic government activity (banking, military recruitment, policing, etc.) are all present, and provided for through tax revenue and special levies. While ruled by the knight Zerecus in the days before Bloody Summer, Faetan is now part of First General Octa Ramis’s holdings. Owing to his hailing from the city, Lord Ramis has declared that he shall collect no taxes from the inhabitants (typically, villagers and farmers surrender 1/8th of their annual yield to their lord, 1/8th to the Empire, and 1/16th to the Emperor himself). As a result, most inhabitants are well-disposed towards their lord-in-absentia.

Maintenance of law
The town houses a large garrison for its size: two full lines of Imperial soldiers are stationed here, along with archers and pikemen that gather regularly to train. In addition to patrolling in surrounding areas, they also see to the town’s safety. Laws are same as in most parts of Rath: clear, simple, ostensibly fair.

As of late, local militia (led by a cadre of experienced Army warriors) have taken responsibility for the safety and policing of Faetan, as the local garrison commander and nearly his whole contingent are quelling Clanless raiders just outside of Rathan territory.

Citizens get nearly all their livelihood from trading and farming. The town is surrounded by fertile lands, which give a good annual harvest. The yield is usually high enough that a surplus of grain and dried goods is traded with the Cunoth for good mounts and scavenged treasures. Faetan is an excellent resting place for trading caravans, and once every season the town swells to tenfold its original size as traders, farmers, and merchants pour in to hawk their wares and lie about the bargains they’ve found.

Nearly all inhabitants are human. The town has some halfhalf-elves, a smattering of dwarves, and enough outlanders that there are always some strange faces on the street. Traffic via the town is busy and members of other races often stop by.


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