Eternal Wand (minor)

Crafted from the shard of a powerful transmuter’s staff, this stout mithral rod is slightly longer than a hand’s length and etched with elven runes of that reflect strength, amplification, and power capped with a small, flawed diamond.

In the time before the Rift, weapons and items of great power that had been destroyed in combat were often sought out by lesser mages, hoping to ease the construction of their own items.

Eternal wands were often constructed by mages for use by their apprentices in times of trouble, or for issue to soldiers who were unlikely to have mages with them in battle. This Eternal Wand of Giant Size has the following properties:

  • The wielder can cast Enlarge Person 1/day as a 1st level wizard. Spell save DC =11, Use Magic Device skill check of 20.
  • 1/week, the user may sacrifice the wand’s spell to increase the effective caster level of his/her next transmutation spell by +1.

Eternal Wand (minor)

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