Prior to the Rift, druids were respected and revered in the world, using their nature-given power to promote crop growth, tend forests, and battle dangerous magical creatures that were encroaching on the borders of society. Post-Rift, this changed entirely; what little religious infrastructure that survived the destruction immediately branded all non-divine magic as evil, and the druids were driven away from society, without even a chance to profess their innocence. Nowadays, the druidic order is fairly secure and established, firmly entrenched in the Scilti for several centuries. Tolerated by the elves, the order is afforded a small degree of protection.

Unfortunately, raiding parties organized by Menhir occasionally intruded upon their exile, making things tense for the druids. These raids have ceased almost entirely, the Menhirite legions having been dissolved, with the followers of the Sovereign Host living in censure. Currently led by the nine-fingered halfling Wakefield, the druids were a small but important part of the forces arrayed against the Sovereign Host’s final play at Charleroi.

The order is composed mostly of humans and half-elves, with a few elves, half-orcs and small folk thrown into the mix, as well as the odd member of a few unrecognizable races. Elder druids give strict standing orders that their younger initiates stay away from civilization, for fear that they might betray the location of the druids’ hidden groves. Young druids venture into towns and cities every so often, to sate their curiosities. Unfortunately, their unfamiliarity with the trappings of civilization means they don’t often return alive…

In the years since Alfred has come to power, the druids have tentatively allied themselves with the Rathans, aiding in the regrowth of lands devastated during the war. Small enclaves of druids dot the forests and glades of civilized lands, interacting with Rathan citizens when the opportunity arises. By Imperial decree, unprovoked violence is punishable by death.

-Druids gain a +2 bonus on Survival and Knowledge (Nature) checks. The wild is a harsh place indeed. These two skills are always class skills.


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