Dark Six Temple Choker Encounter

After delving to the bottom chamber of a small shrine to the Dark Six, the party dealt with mysterious chokers, sent through a portal from the plans of Aberration to silence enemies of their evil masters forever.

  • 870 cp
  • 42 gp
  • Prayer chain constructed of old fingerbones and teeth.
  • 1 mithral plate (50 gp)
  • 1 potion blur
  • 1 scroll tube, containing the following:
    - Magic Missile, CL 5th
    - Truestrike, CL 3rd

After slaying the evil priest-turned-wight at the bottom of the Dark Shrine, the sacrificial pool yields the following:

- 17 platinum
- 3 pieces of onyx (50 gp apiece)
- 1 mwk. cudgel (1d6, shaped like a lizard beak)
- 2 potions of Inflict Light Wounds, CL 4th
- Stone of Undeath to Death

Dark Six Temple Choker Encounter

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