The smallest of the four human clans, Celchu holds its place in the world by treachery, stealth, and the buying and selling of knowledge. Consisting largely of bards, rogues, merchants and sages, Celchu is tolerated by the other clans, but just barely. This is because the clan knows the doings of all the other clans, both above and below the surface. Its agents range far and wide, discovering secrets, listening to conversations, watching from rooftops, and finding where the bodies are buried. In fact, the clan maintains a secret stronghold, and few know where to find it. Whenever another clan is angered enough to begin hinting at aggression, a quiet meeting or short note aimed at the right person stops the trouble before it’s started. Additionally, Celchu recognizes the value of learning and information, no matter how mundane. Their libraries are vast and very comprehensive, with tomes on every subject imaginable. They even possess a large number of texts from the pre-Rift era. Schooling is very important, and most Celchu children can read before they take their first steps.

Slavery, dueling, and all other forms of vice are available in the marshy wetlands, craggy ridges, and teeming hives of treachery that pass for cities in Celchu.

Siding with the Menhirites during the Crusade of Glorious Enlightenment (some say at sword point), the noble and mercantile families of Chymendod threw their occupiers out and raced to join Alfred during the events of Bloody Summer, playing no small part in repulsing the enemy on the fields of Charleroi.

In the past seven years, Clan Celchu has profited greatly from the Empire’s coffers; granting access to their texts to Arcanix, Imperial sages, and a flood of wealthy Rathan lords eager to have their children educated in a formal fashion.

-All Celchans gain a +2 bonus to one Knowledge skill and either Bluff or Sense Motive. With knowledge comes power, and manipulation is a valuable skill in gaining more knowledge AND power. The selected skills are always class skills.


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