Artificer's Rig

This well-worn leather vest and small, lizard-hide satchel are weighted down with an assortment of tools, bits of wire, and well-worn parchment that seems to be endless

Throughout the centuries, traveling dwarven craftsmen have sought to assemble the perfect assortment of tools, technical drawings, and reference materials. Over time, highly-specialized crafting sets have been pared down to the bare minimimum, being amalgamated with other sets into a kit that’s capable of crafting anything, provided the user is of sufficient skills.

This Artificer’s Rig has the following properties:

  • Treated as mwk. tools granting a +2 bonus for any one Craft skill.
  • Treated as standard tools for all other Craft Checks
  • Once per week, this Artificer’s Rig is capable of summoning a full-sized forge, which functions fully for 48 hours and grants the user an additional +2 on the relevant Craft check. Fuel and labor are still required.

Artificer's Rig

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