Forward Into Danger

Rathan Air-Com

Alden Piermont Abercrombie

From Ossus to Gossud

Dear Marhillion, storied dwarven bard of the glittering caves

I write to you from the human lands, old friend, for concern weighs heavy on my mind. Weeks ago I departed the coast on poor terms with my eldest brother J.G Abercrombie Jr.. I go west in service to our human allies, and I shall surely see combat. Our argument was heated, tempers flared, old battles sparked suddenly to flame. Yet in the time between my anger has waned. Now the dusty coals of regret fill my heart, and I choke on every ashen breath. In my absence I must hire your services to make things right, and forge our friendship anew.

You see, my dear brother is harboring doubts about his career choices, and requires a good deal of encouragement to continue working day in and day out for the prosperous iron bank of Gossud. You must find him on his commute, a long walk through the spacious caldera, and use your trumpeted fanfare (in which you specialize most expertly) and your golden voice of song. Illustrate, the way only the illustrious Marhillion can do, the importance of his is day to day tasks. Leave no detail out! His tasks include scrivening, scribing, dictating, reading, folding bills, saving, spending, taxing, writing, counting, thinking and talking.

Included you shall find your fee for one week of service, and a copy of my brothers daily schedule. He is humble and will try to dissuade you, but you must not relent!

Lastly, you must not mention my name. I am unsure if his is anger has lessened, and mentioning me may send him into a fit, surely interrupting your stellar performance.

Alden P Abercrombie


Ponsby_420 S_Sullivan

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