Forward Into Danger

Over the river and thru the woods

I will, in the future pay heed to the warnings of the locals as to which streams to avoid drinking out of.

It seems that during my “down time” Wade and Alden took some time to explore the catacombs located near the city, while nothing they found was extraordinary, they did stop a minor undead resurgence and made themselves some decent coin.

During my recovery, I did have time to speak with some of the local loggers who told me stories of an ancient (between 300 and 500 years) fort that is some 2 days deep into the forest. They speak of it being inhabited by spiders and it being magic and foreboding, while the spiders I believe, the rest is nothing more than superstition and wives tales. I hope to get some decent samples of the spider poison, both Wade and Alden are getting very good at removing the parts that I require from venomous beasts.

(notes on spiders, recipe for anti-toxin)

While only Wade and Kamen joined me on the expedition to the old forest fort, we made incredible (and quiet) time and camped near the entrance to a gulch that should lead us to the fort by mid tomorrow. Unfortunately this spot seemed to be in the middle of territory controlled by a pack of giant boars, we shall eat well on this small trip.

I may have been wrong about my assumption that the fort was old and only superstition kept others away, it seems that this part of the forest is inhabited by a fae spirit, at first I thought it was a nymph of some sort, but we encountered a dryad that seems to have been to long in this world, it is, while appearing normal, has fallen to much lesser forms of emotions, it is either corrupt, mad or both. It escaped and abandoned its hold of this area, and hopefully it will return to the fae and whatever made it act so strangely will fade from its memory (my guess is it’s original tree was felled to build this fort and it went made with rage and could not let go until forced away).

I have never seen Wade so determined, when the fae offered a truce and a bribe he adamantly was against it (he also claims that the fae’s magical quasi-dead pet pleaded for him to kill it). For his heroics he gained a very notable sword of a knight of much higher rank then himself (from the previous “lord” of the keep) which will be at the very least a talking point for him in polite company.

We found a decent amount of money and valuables, the most noticeable piece is a sword of excellent construction from before the rift, while only imbued with minor offensive magic, it also has a slight enchantment protecting its wearer from acid.

We journey back to King’s Head with money and good news (I do not think our clearing of this fort will do much, it is to destroyed and remote) but things of this nature do have a way of spreading to the bards.


Ponsby_420 Falchen

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