Forward Into Danger

Burn baby burn

Owlbear inferno

I believe that those things that have found their way deep under the mountains should be left there at all cost. From the now liberated fortress we had either to go into a series of caves or over rough passes, it was decided that under the mountain was safer. This assertion of safety may still be true, if the overpass is littered with angry rock giants who throw trees at the living, without these rocky slopes and unstable paths would have been preferable.

We encountered a strange plant that uses its spores to infect creatures (it seems to drive them crazy and ignore the plant) I can only assume that these spores will eventually germinate into these plants and, while tempting I do not think this is a cultivatable form worth researching.

(notes about wild hooked beasts from the under mountains)

I did locate a torc on one of the giant stone apes and it has a peculiar magical property, it seems that it will cause a lesser geas spell to last indefinitely if it is placed upon the being before the spell is cast, but it can only be used once per decade.

Within the volcanic scar we were able to locate the old temple which was occupied by the owlbears. We defeated a number of sluggish lizards and trekked across the hellish landscape until we came to the temple. Kamen used a powerful scroll to bring in an angel to help our fight, it may have been more than we needed as the battle was over quickly, unfortunately there were not as many of the beasts as I had hoped, meaning no where near the amount of eggs that I would have liked to gain. Along with some paltry treasures we recovered 3 eggs, combined with what we found in our journey here it has been a slightly profitable trip, but not enough for my share to finance even a small part of the ship so I will need to continue to acquire more funds.


Ponsby_420 Falchen

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