Forward Into Danger

better, stronger, faster.

6 million silver piece man

I have confirmed that no God will claim me, apparently I have not appeased the human Gods, nor did the Elven Gods find my leaving worthy of them, a pox on them all. I found myself separated from the mortal realm and brought back, but not into my body, instead I am now some form of construct, it is amazing. The price was high, no longer can I feel the flow of magic and manipulate it, but for that price I will never succumb to age, hunger or a death not brought from a blade.

I do owe my killer/creator a small favor, I dislike being in debt to anyone but a mage less so.

I am able to keep my appearance (A good thing I was never myself) with only minor adjustments to my disguise so to most nothing has changed.

I have been working on additional designs for my laboratory and sanctuary in the mountains, but I feel having a ship will still be important, when we return to Gossad I shall see if I can regain my gnomish crew.

I must also be careful, no longer being of the living makes me less compassionate to them in general, I must not cross into to dark a path.


Ponsby_420 Falchen

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