Forward Into Danger

A cult among men

Highway to Hell

As if the world decided to take a course in irony, after heaping praise amongst ourselves for Alden’s growth and use only for him to get our very rare eggs taken by his father and having to give ransom in the form of information to his father. We delivered the owlbear heads to Wade’s superior and i am told he was pleased, this will earn wade more favor in the empire which is good.

After returning and dealing with a few things (the gnomes were incarcerated again) I was able to idle the majority of my time away while the rest of the group had obligations to their families and vocations. I was able to make a good trade with a dwarven wizard to get Wade a magic shield, a small sum of gold and a scroll of invisibility, which I have taken the time to learn.

Before we left the city I had three important encounters as such:

Kamen noticed me using my ring to recall and cast at the fire temple, we had a brief discussion on it but he understands my need for secrecy.

Alden’s father wanted to use us to make him more money, he was going to let us use a ship (his ship) so that we could supposedly do as we please, but this is a man I want nothing to do with. Everything he touches is diminished first, then divided to aid him later and that is not the type of enterprise that I wish to be involved in.

Kamen’s family will be taking up control and running of the small area in which we found, but we will maintain 20% control (so while we cannot make any decisions it will generate enough money to pay for itself and I will get the cave for myself). With the caves location into the cliffs I plan on having a large amount of it excavated out to include a series of large rooms, some open balconies overlooking the sea, a few rooms at sea level that will have tidal pools and protected areas to keep specific fish and sea life and a large garden located on the top which I will be able to grow specific plants (I have read about green houses and how with panes of glass an area can be kept at a tropical temperature nearly year round). I am starting to sketch plans for this but I will need to procure a large amount of funding to get it made properly.

(rough and incomplete sketches of cave and the additional modification)

Amusingly enough we are headed inland by way of King’s Head to eventually reach Ossuss where Wade’s wife is paying his summons exactly no heed. We have also convince Ulundo many things about Wade’s wife’s pie which he has taken to mean an actual pie and I am sure will lead to an amusing situation.

Stopping in King’s Head Wade met painter who has once again come across a job, while not raiding a tomb, we will have to storm an old fortress and remove the cult of bandits which now resides there. I look forward to trying out my new spell to render myself invisible, we shall see how it works.


Ponsby_420 Falchen

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